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dremel partsWhat is a Dremel?

Dremel is a a brand of power tools, known mainly for their range of high-speed, low torque rotary tools. The original company was founded in 1932 and their famous rotary tool has been around since 1945. Nowadays Dremel also make other tools, such as an oscillating tool, pumpkin carver, engraving kit and others.

Dremel Tool Range

Rotary Tools

Rotary tools are hand-held power tools that use high-speed and low torque to undertake a variety of useful tasks with control and precision. They are perfect for any Do It Yourself or hobby project.

  • Corded Rotary Tools
  • 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool
  • 3000 Variable Speed Rotary Tool
  • 300 Series Variable Speed Rotary Tool
  • 200 Series Rotary Tool
  • 100 Series Rotary Tool
  • Cordless Rotary Tools
  • 8200 12V Max Lithium-ion Cordless
  • 8000 10.8V Lithium-ion Cordless
  • Stylus Lithium-ion Cordless
  • 7700 7.2V Cordless MultiPro
  • 7300 MiniMite Cordless

Oscillating Tools

Sscillating tools use a rapid side-to-side motion to cut, sand, grind, scrape and more. They are excellent for sanding in tight corners and cutting pipes.

  • Corded Oscillating Tool
  • Multi-Max MM20
  • Multi-Max
  • Cordless Oscillating Tool
  • Multi-Max cordless

Other Tools

Dremel Trio

This is great for any projeect that needs cutting, routing or sanding. It’s three products in one and it perfect for cuttings vents, woodworking and tiling.

Dremel Saw-Max

The saw-max is easy to handle and makes following a saw line easy. Change everything you know about sawing with the Dremel saw-max

dremel replacement partsDremel Replacement Parts

There are a huge number of Dremel parts, Dremel replacement parts, spare parts and accessories. Although a lot of online suppliers have Dremel parts as special order (normally taking 10-14 days) you should be able to find the following replacement parts available for immediate dispatch:

  • Dremel Corded Multi-Tool Parts
  • Dremel Cordless Multi-Tool Parts
  • Dremel Foot Switch Parts
  • Dremel Grinder Parts
  • Dremel Misc Parts
  • Dremel Moto-Flex Tool Parts
  • Dremel Router Parts
  • Dremel Sander Parts
  • Dremel Scroll Saw Parts

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